Funeral Home Marketing Ideas (Part 2)

Idea #3:  Offer Unique Funeral Home Services

One of the best areas to market funeral services today is with personalization, where the memorial service is more a reflection of the life and personality of the loved ones than a traditional, religious ceremony.

Today, this is not a surprising trend.  The digital world we live in allows for much more personalized content in our lifestyles.  Social media lets people publish, in many respects, the story of their lives.  We expect more personalization from our online experiences, shopping, entertainment, tools, and spirituality.  No wonder people want to see this more in memorial services.

However, the opportunity to differentiate your funeral home as one that specializes in unique, personalized services that help people celebrate life is an open market.  It’s the type of offering that lends itself to many of today’s more useful marketing strategies, such as social media.

For example, a few years ago a drive-through funeral home would have been considered unseemly.  Today it’s growing in popularity.

You can imagine how personalized the services of coming generations will be, as their Facebook friends, selfies, online writing and videos are used as a collage of their lives.  Many services will likely move away from churches as people consider what they want to do for a memorial outside of religious traditions.

Funerals are somber occasions framed by our grief, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t many ways to properly remember our loved ones in a spirit they would have appreciated.

Personalized funeral services tap into this need, and open a considerable marketing opportunity for an intrepid funeral home.